Time to euthanize?

blue fire

14 Years
May 2, 2007
Murfreesboro, TN
I just found a hen with flystrike yesterday. She was hiding in the coop and I noticed her butt was pasty and took a closer look and there were maggots on her butt. I washed off her butt with soap and water and then syringed hydrogen peroxide and then saline on the wound. This morning it is filled with maggots again and I have noticed her abdomen is looking bloated to the point of it making it hard for her to breathe and also some white ricotta cheesey gunk on the feathers around her vent. I'm thinking there is something wrong with her reproduction system. I can't remember the last time she laid an egg... She is about 2, from a hatchery who we realized gave us chicks with many birth defects, including her cataracts and has had a rough year. I'm thinking it might be time....
seems like it. You don’t want her to have a lot of suffering. Shame when hatcheries don’t produce good stock.

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