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May 4, 2012
Hi everyone! I am "new" to raising chickens, although my chicks are 4 weeks today! I live in savannah ga, and it's been hot and humid BUT I am ready for these little chirp chirps to move outside! Is 4 weeks too soon to move them to the coop?
I see no reason to move them out.
During the summer months I move mine out at 2 weeks.
I have a little pen for them outside in a shed.
I provied an EcoGlow unit at night for them to snuggle underneath if temps drop, but they usually just sleep next to it since it's kinda warm.

No problem moving them out at four weeks. If you get a really cold night you can always give them a little heat . But in a couple of weeks they won't need that either I'm in KY and my last batch were brooded in the shop and moved into the coop at 3 weeks and are doing fine at 8 weeks.
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Hi--On 5/22/12 I moved my 4-wk. olds to the coop and kept them inside it for 5 days. When I opened the pop hole on 5/27, they were the cutest things slowly peering outside and then slowly but surely came marching down the ramp. They love the ouside. Best part is that by keeping them inside to learn their new home before letting them outside, they have gone inside at dark all by themselves every night. I live in south Alabama and our temps are very similar. You should have no problem. Good luck and good chicken keeping.
So informative. So I have two 1 year old cochin roosters, the twins as I call them, well actually Startksy and Hutch....cop family...had to... :) ...and they have the run right now. The "girls" which does include one 6 week old rooster to my surprise...have been put in the "B" House, or our hen house...that is locked to the run for the moment to keep the girls away from the HUGE roosters who seem to only be horny lil devils in my mind and will RUIN my girls...okay, enough of the breakdown...on a serious note, I am concerned that my girls are too young to just be let lose with the guys...is this the case? Or should i just do it and let nature take its course. I tend to want to let nature take the helm and guide me, but I just do not want a slaughter of the girls or for my little surprise rooster, Sir white chocolate....to be harmed. Suggestions please??? Oh and they are two months now that I think about it...

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