Timing of my first chicks/flaky question about car trip


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Hi everyone, this is my first post, and I swear I'm not as much of a flake as this is going to make me sound!

I am planning to start with three chicks, and I would like to get started as soon as possible. The problem is that we have a beach vacation planned for the last week of July. If I got the chicks this week, that would make them six weeks old when we leave. But I know that even if I found someone knowledgeable about chicks to care for them, I wouldn't be able to bring myself to leave them--so I am wondering, would it be completely insane to bring them with us? We would be driving several hours and then staying at a beach house. Would the car trip be impossible for them, even if I held them in my lap in a box and monitored the temperature, etc.?

I'm sorry if this sounds like an irresponsible idea--I really don't know the answer and that's why I'm asking. Of course I don't want to do anything that would be harmful to the chicks, but on the other hand, if it would be perfectly safe for them by that age, then I don't want to wait to get them.

Thank you for your help!
I know this isn't what you want to hear but my opinion is to just wait. The temperature won't be a problem at that age, they will be pretty well feathered. Whose beach house is it? If you are renting it, I doubt the owners would like you bringing chickens with you. They poop A LOT and the dust is unbelievable. The happiest two days for me-when I got my chicks, when my chicks went outside in their coop! Will a few mos. really matter?

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How about if you find someone you really like and trust to take care of them? After six weeks you might be ready for a vacation from them! I wouldn't take my chicks on a trip with me. They'll be big and flying around by then and really ready to be in the coop. Will this beach house have a proper accommodation for them? They won't still be in a cardboard box all day by then. I don't think you'll have much of a vacation if you're dealing with your chicks all day. If you can't leave them with someone, either cancel the vacation or postpone the chick's arrival.
Thank you--this is exactly the kind of information I was looking for. I appreciate your advice!
Ehh...just have a neighbor check in on them. At 6 weeks they should be in a coop so theres not alot to do for them at that point.

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