Tint variance in EEs, same pullet


May 22, 2019
Clinton (piedmont) S.C.
I understand that age, season, and general health all affect the amount of tint that shows up on an egg. But I have an EE that only started laying a couple of weeks ago, and the variance of tint in her eggs seems to go against established laws of nature. Yes, I am that guy wierd enough to watch my birds go into the nest box, go out immediately when they exit, and date, time, and name of layer on each egg. This particular pullet has given me an egg green enough to roughly be called olive. And what I call sea foam green. And one that was a true sky blue. Most have been the seafoam green. All this in the timeframe of just over two weeks. Impossible? From what I've read, yes. From what I experienced personally? They're in my fridge. If I didn't see the chicken go in and come out, and collect the lone egg immediately, I only noted the day of laying.
Do you only have one EE?
No, I have 6. And I spend ENTIRELY too much time observing them. I only want two blue egg layers and intend to rehome the other four. So I want to insure that I keep the two with the most attractive egg tints. Thus the extensive observation, the immediate collection, and the documentation of each egg linked to pullet. If you're thinking some other pullet slipped one in, I promise you, every documented egg insured an empty box prior to entry, and an immediate retrieval afterward. Any question of accuracy and I simply denote day of laying.
Yes, the brown coating can vary daily...or not be there at all(the blue egg).
No worries, just the varietal spice of EE/OE life.

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