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Aug 15, 2017
Metamora, MI
Hello! I purchased 6 baby chicks yesterday a TSC. I got four Barred Rock chicks and two bantams, one of which is a silkie. The one that is NOT a silkie is VERY SMALL. I didn't realize it when I was picking them out but she is about 1/2 the size of the Silkie and about 1/3 the size of the BR chicks. I had my first round of chicks in August last year, 9 Isa browns who have done very well for me and I care about them deeply.

I am concerned that this bantam is so much smaller than all the other birds and I don't remember having a chick this small in my last group. She is also sleeping alone off to the side. The Silkie is also sleeping alone. The 4 BR chicks and 2 ducklings are all sleeping together in a giant pile. I do remember from my last group that sleeping alone doesn't mean anything. They may be too hot in the group. But i am concerned that they are being shunned. Is it too early for them to be being treated poorly? Could they be sick?

Sorry for the paragraphs.

If you have comments about chicks and ducklings together let me know. These are my first ducks and I plan to move them if things get to wild--or once they get a little bigger since I know they grow much faster.
When looking at bantam photos, the chick looks like a silver sebright. I can't be sure. I wil take a photo when I get home and post it. Maybe someone can help me identify if this is normal. All the bantams at the store were together. I truly have no idea what the differences are and these were not pullets.

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