Tiny egg


Apr 15, 2020
I know this egg is a bit too dark to be a silkie egg, I’ve seen that they are more off white than anything. I was really very hopeful, but has anyone had any tan-ish silky eggs before? I have been anticipating their eggs forever now 😂 they’re only 7.5 months, so I know I still have time. When did your silkies start laying? Can I see pictures of some silkie eggs?


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Those are darker than any of my silkie eggs. My earliest layer started in September, from a may 1st hatch, and by now both my may silkie pullets and my June silkie cross pullets are laying. All earlier than expected, I wasn't sure if I'd get eggs from the June girls at all this year.


About 30 grams.
Awe! I love them! My babies hatched in March, so that part doesn’t help 😂 I have read that they take up to a year to lay sometimes... so, I’m just patiently waiting.
Yeah I was doing the math and figured September was the earliest possible for the may chicks, but I was not expecting it! I got really lucky.

I had my duck and my silkies on the same time frame laying wise. I have a Rouen duck and she started laying 3 days ago, so when I went out to see my egg surprises this morning, this tiny one was on the ground next to my ducks egg. My other girls lay in the lay box up higher and they’re always a bit larger, as you can see... so I am anticipating the venture out to the coop tomorrow!

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