Tiny egg?


10 Years
Nov 12, 2009
God has placed me in Virginia.
I found this egg in my coop a few days ago.
Here it is compared to a cough drop and a Tylenol.

It was in the horse stall that we use for a coop.
It was next to the feeder
I have 4 white egg laying hens in the coop and they are all laying lots of big eggs and they always lay in the nesting box.
I cracked it open and it looked like a chicken egg but the yold was REALLY small!

Any help will be appricated!!!

I just got one of them a couple of days ago. My wife thinks it is the cutest thing! My son thinks it came from a wild song bird. I know it was one of my chicks that laid it. It was in the nest box with the other eggs. I have heard of this before but was still a bit surprised to get one myself. I told my wife that it is called a "Fart egg".
I found one of those a month or so after my girls were laying as well. It was about the size of a marble - I think I read it is called a "wind egg" - but not sure about that. Anyway, mine just had egg white in it; no yolk. I'm not sure which of the girls layed it since like with you, all had been laying regular sized eggs.

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