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    Yesterday I found the tiniest egg ever! These are the 2 eggs i got in the morning! They are bantam birds but this egg is about the size of an olive. I enjoyed a bit of a chuckle and asked my girls who was responsible for this little egg. None of them owned up to it but I'm pretty sure they were all laughing about it as I walked back to the house. Anybody else get teeny little eggs like this? My dog seems curious about it to!
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    It's a "fart" egg. AKA an "oops" egg. I got even smaller ones from my standard breed hens. Very funny! And nothing to worry about. Hens get a little hiccough in their systems once in awhile and then you see things like this. I used to ask my hens who laid it too and they'd all look at me like "What? That's not my one! That big egg there was my one!"
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    i got one of those today but mine was pointier >>[​IMG]
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    We always calld them wind eggs. Cool things I think

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