Tiny eggs


10 Years
May 16, 2009
Pecos, NM
I have been getting a tiny egg every other day and I finally figured out which chicken is laying them. The eggs don't have a yoke so I read here they are called "fart eggs" right. She has laid about 6 of them already so shouldn't she be getting it right by now? Is there anything I need to give her?
WOW!!!!!! As long as I've been reading any scrap of information I could get my hands on I've never heard of this!! You seriously learn something new everyday!!!!!!!

is the hen new at laying eggs or has she been laying eggs and is just now laying small ones? one of our hens has just laid their first egg today and her egg is small i guess because she is new to laying eggs
I was told she was 10 months old when I got her a few weeks ago. I thought she was already laying but I could be wrong.

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