'Tiny little eggs'- had to share!


12 Years
Apr 14, 2007
I keep my 3 yr old grandson for his parents to work. He LOVES the chickens and helps me gather eggs, open the coops up, watch them while them free range in the afternoon, etc.. Yesterday, for his afternoon snack, I gave him popcorn and while he was eating it, I went to work on the laundry.. All of a sudden, I hear the sweetest voice on earth say: 'Gran, look at these tiny , little eggs".. I turned to see him standing there w/ his little hands cupped one on top of the other. When I went to see the 'tiny little eggs'---he opened his hands to reveal three popcorn kernels--which looked exactly like eggs!!! Egg shaped, egg colored and he was so proud to have found these 'eggs'.. I love sharing the chicken experience w/ him... Everyday he learns something new and I have so much fun w/ him.
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That is sooo sweet!
Amazing ehhh!!! I too love bringing my 2 yr old out with me he gets so happy and always tries to hug the eggs ahahahaha. they are so precious!!!
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He is a sweety --we have the most fun w/ him.. Each day, when we gather eggs, he picks up them up, places it against his cheek and announces "Gran, this one is warm" or "this one is cold" then gently places it in his basket.. He sometimes announces it's color and not just brown anymore....sometimes he says "this one is bayyyage (beige)/green/blue!"

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