tiny odd egg can it hatch?


8 Years
Apr 24, 2011
Nolanville TX
This was found in our hen house today. there are no bantys in it, so we are perplexed. I tried candling it but could not see a yolk-but I dont know if it cant be seen because of the strong pigment. below photos show size comparisons. in the sequence photo largest is a normal size egg for our hen house, next is a japanese egg then the odd one.

the kids want me to try hatching it but I am unsure -has anyone ever had one of these before?
They are frequently yolkless, kind of an "oops" for the hen. Do a search on "fart eggs" and you can read up on the subject.

I think generally they wouldn't hatch or produce a very viable chick if they did, but what could it hurt to throw it into the incubator and see what develops (or not).

Sometimes they're not yolk less, a member on here had one exactly like that & she hatched it out, I think named it Pippin? Can't completely remember but why not try it :)
I've had three of those since my girls have been laying and none of my banty's are brown layers and all the eggs have had teeny tiny little yolk.

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