Tiny Sebright vs. Black Copper Marans...will they ever get along?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by IcarusSomnio, Oct 22, 2010.

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    Apr 27, 2010
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    Alright, so I bought a 'family' of bantam chickens, one OEGB (assumed) hen with two chicks, and a silver Sebright rooster. The Sebright got out of the box before I could stuff him into the quarenteen cage along with the hen and chicks. Guess who came over to visit?


    Chicken Smackdown, anyone? [​IMG]

    I snagged BOTH roosters, one under each arm and told them off. The little Sebright seriously had the nerve to reach over and latch onto the big guys comb!. I pulled the 'chicken pitbull' off, shoo'd Big Daddy away and put the (very puffed up) little roo in with his family. Big Daddy was sure to crow extra, extra loud and do plenty of strutting within sight of his new biggest rival. There was much fluffing of feathers and murderous stares today!

    But the real question is, will they ever get along? Or will they fight to the death?

    The big guy has been around other big roo's and got along just fine. Not sure about the little dude. He is VERY protective of 'his' hen and 'his' chicks. One found a hole JUST BIG ENOUGH to fit through (with much squeezing, apparently) and both parents when utterly nuts. I put the chick back in (narrowly avoiding getting mauled by mother hen) and they settled back down. Well, at least their attentive! Fixed the not-really-big-enough-to-fit-through gap so there was no more 'oops! lost the baby!' incidents.

    He is very cute though [​IMG]
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    It sounds like you are going to have your hands full. Ever heard the term " He was acting like a banty rooster" if so, you know the answer! LOL I am sure there are many flocks w/ both small and large breeds but I would just build the 'mini' family a coop and run of their own and be done w/ it.. They might do well free ranging after a while but I would never but the two together...
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    That picture was too funny! David and Goliath had nothing on those two. Good luck with your 2 roo's...I think it is going to be interesting at your house for a while!
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    Quote:I was actually thinking of naming them that! [​IMG] My BCM roo is a real sweetie pie, it was a bit hilarious watching him 'tango' with the little bantam a quarter of his size.

    Quote:Right now they have a (for their size!) huge cage to do their chicken thing in. I want to put them in a tractor soon though, so they can really get up off the ground and roost nicely. Right now I have five rabbit does occupying the only one I got. If I could make these things just magically appear...I'd be in heaven!
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    May 29, 2010
    That second picture is adorable!
    Maybe with enough time adjusting with the little family with their own space, they might get along. Or even one good fight and they will settle it. Either way, good luck!
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    In addition to the dominant, large fowl EE rooster, I have two Silver Sebright roos in my flock, along with a bantam Buff Brahma roo, a bantam Cochin roo, and now two Olive Egger roos.

    Most of the rest of the flock is large fowl, but there are some bantam breed pullets and hens.

    All of the roosters get along. There is occasionally some neck crest flaring and a jump in each others' direction, but that's mostly between the two Sebrights! Carl, my LARGE EE rooster just gives 'em a look and barely lifts his neck feathers - really, only just the barest fluff up! - and they settle right down.

    But I have integrated all my birds in "grow out" coops and pens before I let them into the main population, so there aren't any confrontations. Everybody knows Carl is in command.

    And Carl could care less about the little roos. But then, the Olive Egger roos aren't full sized yet, they're only about 12, 13 weeks old.
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