Tiny Tina/Tim Midget Bird??

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    Feb 19, 2016
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    On December 12th we received a new batch of 25 birds from the hatchery. It was a egg layer mix pack of 25 and we still don't know 100% what they all where but our suspicions are Austrolpe - Wyandottes - Andalusians. Out of 25 birds 21 where alive and very healthy 2 weeks later around that time Tiny T "since we are not 100% it is a pullet we did get 2 roosters in an all femal batch not complaining" was injured some how in the brooder. We removed itr and isolated it in a separate space. Every day I would wake up expecting it to have passed but never did. We made sure T had water and food always and eventually tried introducing her to the rest of the the birds from her batch. She held her own with the birds much larger then her. But after a week the other birds started really growing and she did not.
    "Her is a very bad picture of her first day back T is on the left. [​IMG]
    We built a new area for some 5-6 week birds we had coming up and moved her in with them as the rest of the birds moved into the rest of the flock.
    The BLRW are 5 weeks old T is 12 weeks tomorrow and their size is almost the same.

    Here is T with a bird from the same batch it's not the best picture I'll get more tomorrow. The black bird walking away is her same batch and the BLRW are 7 weeks.
    She seems very happy and can get around but does wobble more then others. She eats and drinks and gets along very well with the other birds since they are much younger I guess. Has any one had this happen and what should we do? Keep T in the area with birds half her age or let her try her luck in the yard with the big birds?

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