Tiny White Worms


9 Years
Jun 29, 2010
The Lakes Region, NH
After treating my flock to some bread this afternoon, I looked down at the ground, and it seemed to be moving. Upon closer inspection, I saw hundreds of tiny white, translucent worms. They were approximately 1/4" to 3/8" long, and kept wriggling themselves into "S" formations. They are located on the east side of my house, at the base of my deck steps under a black locust tree. There's a lot of organic matter in the soil, from dead leaves, mulch, and of course, chicken poop. I've never seen these worms before. After a bit of research, I'm hoping they're just white worms or pot worms. I've got a weak stomach, so I'm really not interested in searching the internet for pictures of parasitic worms. Can anyone tell me what they might be, and if it's cause for concern? Thank you!
It could be a soil nematode.
scoop some up and take them to you extension office.
the world is covered in nematodes and bacteria. not all of them are bad.

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