Tip for selling pullet eggs

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    Name the pullets after your egg customers!

    I got my chicks last summer and named them all after my customers. I invited them to come by and meet their namesakes, which a few did, and they were pleased to get pics and updates about their growth.

    Now it has come time for them to begin laying. I promised the first dozen from their namesakes to each customer for a discount. They enjoy seeing the box of gradually larger eggs from their pullet.

    In the past, many people would balk at the small pullet eggs being mixed in with the larger eggs, feeling short-changed. This way, they are eager to buy the tiny eggs because they feel they have a vested interest!

    Anyway, it gets me through that awkward small egg period.
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    I don't sell, but I did hard boil them and sent them to work with my DH. They LOVED them. Truly... and have asked for more. I only get a few small eggs now , but keep sending HB eggs to work. It's fun to put them in a basket with all the beautiful colors, a little S&P and your set. [​IMG]

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