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    Jul 18, 2010
    chapman, kansas
    Im in the process of find a livestock dog that would fit on our farm. Normally our lab watches the animals during the day but he is getting older and just hurt his hip. Late last night the coyotes were out and right up by the house. The goats, chickens and rabbits are all closed up in the barn at night which isnt to far from the house. PLUS i have three little kids so my big concern is for they kids and animals saftey. Besides getting a livestock dog is there any other tips for keeping coyotes away. I have never had the coyotes that close to the house and the barn before so i dont want to take any chances. Thanks!
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    Sit outside with a gun...take care of a few of them in the meantime.
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    Jan 12, 2010
    Tips for a coyote - I'd use hollowpoint or a coated tip........ [​IMG]
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    Take a chicken with you to the animal shelter. Find some large dogs that you like, take them out on leash and see how they are with the chicken! If they ignore them, or curiously sniff, but are easily corrected, take em home! Our weim/husky mix does a GREAT job of chasing off coyotes, but unfortunately he is no good with chickens/ducks...I would suggest a hound mix or lab mix, but there is always a chance they aren't going to be too great with the small animals. If the chickens/goats/rabbits etc are penned up, then it's not as big of a deal, but you definitely don't want a dog that's going to do just as much damage as any other predator.
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    Tips for coyotes:

    Road Runners aren't worth the trouble

    Avoid anything made by Acme
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    chapman, kansas
    I have been watching the craigslist and bookoo listings cause living by a military base there are allot of dogs that need homes but havent had to much luck. They seem to like the little yappy dogs. And my irish setter would probrably just try to make friends with the coyotes lol. Plus he couldnt handle being outside with livestock if im indoors. he likes to give the livestock a kiss everynow and than but im not to confident of his protection skills but if the coyotes wanted a kiss or to play im sure he would be all about that. I need to learn to shoot a gun! Pretty sad a farm girl that doesnt know how to shoot. The coyotes are out again tonight. Already heard them yapping.
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    Electric fence, buried fence around your pens, Ruger 10 22, vigilance. A dog could help, maybe an Anatolian Shepard, Kangal, or Great Pyrenees. I am looking for a female and those are the breeds I have researched. They are going to get in sooner or later, I also have a lab. 110 lbs, (see pic to left) and he could care less about coyotes. He'll chase em off, but won't go looking for them. He is hell on squirrels and cats though, those he'll look for. : )
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