Tips on getting Game Wardens on the ball?


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This year has been on hectic, sad, disgusting one all around. I've lost close to 50 chickens. Two kittens, countless strays have disappeared, and I nearly got my butt kicked by my aggressive neighbor as she thought I killed her cat. NOW I get told that coyotes are attacking my horses. Not ten feet from several neighboring trailers. Plus, another neighbor's dog was ripped apart on his chain. Probably 200 feet away from my horse pasture and 400 ft from my house. Both have small children.

I called my stepfather about a guy that trapped yotes for us the last few years. He won't be able to trap until Nov 6 according to the WV fish and wildlife page. This problem is now. I did give my neighbors permission to shoot if they see them in my pasture. But that's a small part of the problem.

I'm also dreading this winter. We have an outside wood stove that heats my stepfather's business and our house, so it's halfway between them. 100ft away. I've been stalked at night before.

I'm having my neighbor call the game warden/fish and wildlife and so am I. My stepfather and neighbor are really doubtful they'll do anything. Can anyone give me any tips with dealing with them?
Sorry about the laws in your State........Here next state over Ohio, we have a open season year round with no limits. Try to get you coyote laws changed. Check think you may be able to trap predators after your livestocks.
They have year round shooting for them. Sadly not trapping. I find that stupid. Let someone shoot lead year round but not trap. I already have one bullet hole in my house (and the neighbor has one in his house from idiots), prefer not to send more hunters up there.*sigh*

I'll be calling the GW Monday to see if there's a way to get the guy some type of pardon for trapping them early. I personally don't fancy trying to trap an aggressive lot of animals with no experience. The guy has years of experience trapping coyotes.

I was truthfully looking more for advice on how to approach the game warden on the issue and perhaps put pressure on them about doing something.
You might want to point out to the GW that when coyotes attack people and to some extent horses then there is something wrong, either they are rabid or are extremely starving. I grew up hunting and trapping coyotes and that is not natural behavior for them.
Have you considered buying some traps for yourself and putting them on your property, I know some will say this is bad advice to 'break' the law but in this case the law is not protecting you, your home, your neighbors, your property (animals) and most of all children.
Coyotes can be very difficult to trap but if they are that desperate then you should be able to catch them without too much of a problem.
That would be for fur trapping. Get a live coyote trap, one with a area for a prey animal. Then shoot it. That should be legal. The trapping law would be so foxes and coons are not trapped, or any fur bearing animal , yes coyote fit into that.
You might want to point out to the GW that when coyotes attack people....

That's extremely rare and unlikely.
Game Wardens can't change the laws. They only enforce them
You CAN shoot them anytime , and if they are so bold as to come around in the daylight, it would be easy to bait and shoot them.

Coyote Hunting Regulations
During daylight hours (½ hour before sunrise to ½ hour after sunset) coyotes may be hunted year round.

Hunting coyotes at night using amber or red-colored artificial light is legal from January 1 thru July 31.

Firearms legal for night coyote hunting are shotguns with #4 or smaller shot and rimfire rifles or handguns of .22 caliber or smaller.

During closed small game season, coyotes may only be hunted in open fields. Guns must be cased while being transported to and from the open field.

Electronic calls are legal.

There is no daily, annual or season bag limit.​
From what I've been reading, the eastern coyotes are bigger (god are they bigger) and more aggressive/bolder than the western ones. I believe it when they say they're been crossbreeding with timbers and feral dogs. Do remember that a woman was killed in Canada by a pair of coyotes. I don't buy the 'they mistook her for a prey animal' bit.

I've been stalked. I mentioned to one guy about starting to hike at our local park. He warned me against it. He started carrying a thick walking stick and a long blade knife because of stalking. And I had one come to within 10 feet of me one evening. Luckily I spotted him before my pom did. Picked up my dog and slowly backed away. House was only 10 feet away.

I can't afford to feed another big mouth, so a donkey isn't practical. I've been trying to sell my horses all summer as I'm pushing my budget, but there's no market. I offered my dead broke TWH for $500 or best offer to three horse dealers. They're all full. No room. People are literally dropping horses off at other peoples' houses like puppies.

Traps pose the same problem. They're dang expensive. We already looked into that avenue many times.

Having panic attacks and losing sleep over this. Gah!
Call the newspaper and TV stations and tell them what is going on if you get no help from the game warden. You might also call the local gun club and see if anyone has a night scope they would like to get in some practice with. Anyone who spends the money to get a night scope is probably a pretty good shot and likely to be more or less responsible.
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I was thinking about writing to the newspaper anyway. It scares me how many people don't know about the coyotes. I've mentioned them to different people and get the 'what the fudge are you talking about, those are only out west' look. If a western coyote can drag off a child, then these eastern ones would have no problem. And around here no one minds their kids.

How would you go about finding a gun club?

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