Tired..... exhausted ....... and still more to move. I HATE MOVING !


Emu Hugger
14 Years
Mar 10, 2008
a bumpy dirt road in Florida
Still moving critters...... but almost got everyone moved over to the new place, just pigeons and pheasants left to move.
Been working everyday for the last 2 weeks 6-10. I'll finish putting up temporary pens today and hope to have them moved in tonight.
Then we finally get to start moving in furniture.............................
I pasted exhausted a week ago, legs feel like jello , starting to get that mental breakdown crying kind of tired, heheh..... and the heat is killing me. I look like a Lobster despite sunscreen, and I wish I had a Gator aid IV, I've been drinking so much. So glad when i finally get to sit back and enjoy the place... in time, in time, I know.
Animals are enjoying it............. I just turned loose all my LF to freerange for awhile. They are enjoying being true chickens, thou they still follow me around like they are lost. Horses are enjoying more room to run and the dogs more space to patrol.....
It sure feels good once you are settled in and can enjoy the new place.Wishing you both some relaxing days ahead.

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