'Tis the Season For Pumpkin!


5 Years
Aug 21, 2014
I read somewhere once, Not sure where, that pumpkin was a good 'treat' to give your flock. That besides the fact they love it, its also helpful in getting rid of worms. I don't think my hens have worms but they definately have pumpkin!
My bf and I were just talking about going to pick pumpkins soon at a nearby pumpkin patch and letting the chickens have a great treat run along with fallen apples from our neighbors trees.

About how big of a pumpkin per chicken do you give?
I don't know what I'm 'suppose' to give but I just cooked up a small pie pumpkin that may have been a couple pounds. It wasn't very big. But they are it. Seeds and all. Today they are all pooping orange!

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