TN - Volunteer State Poultry Club Show - April 23, 2011 - Dickson, TN

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    Tennessee folks, we have another show coming up:

    April 23, 2011
    Volunteer State Poultry Club
    Dickson, TN

    I sent an e-mail to get more information, and I got a nice reply from Tim Shelton, President of the Volunteer State Poultry Club:
    The VSPC meets the second Sunday of the month at the local VFW hall in Dickson from 2 to 4 PM. Show catalogs will be sent out by snail mail and e-mail the first week of March. Entry forms will be in the catalog package. All times for events will be in the show catalog. Testing should be done prior to the show. Thanks for your inquiry and interest in the club. I will send directions to our meeting place later as I cannot remember the name of the street it is on. Tim Shelton, President VSPC

    I will post more info on the show as I get it. If anyone else has more info - - especially if you are a member of this club - - please feel free to post information here. Thanks!
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    Feb 11, 2011
    I will be there! [​IMG]
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    Lolli-N-Pops Backyard Poultry Supply will be there! Can you give me the exact address of the show? Also, is there a motel/hotel that is recognizing poultry show visitors?[​IMG]
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    Morning folks! The Dickson show bill is in Word format so I cannot post it here, but here are the basics quoted from the document. I am not a representative of this organization, and am just posting this as a courtesy to our BYC folks in Tennessee. [​IMG]

    Volunteer State Poultry Club
    April 23, 2011

    APA - ABA Sanctioned

    Dickson County Fairgrounds
    1053 Hwy 47 East
    Dickson, TN 37055

    Show Superintendent: Tim Shelton
    Asst. Show Superintendent: Steve Shafer
    Show Secretary: Ami Shelton
    Asst. Show Secretary: Melinda Craig

    Phil Bartz (ABA, APA)
    Glen Cryer (ABA)

    Host Hotel:
    Best Western
    (615) 446-0541

    Be sure to mention the Volunteer State Poultry Club!!
    Most hotels are conveniently located off Interstate 40, with restaurants within a short distance and only minutes from the Dickson County Fairgrounds.

    Other Area Hotels:
    Comfort Inn—(615) 740-1000
    Holiday Inn Express Suites--(615) 446-2781
    Days Inn--(615) 740-7475
    Hampton Inn--(615) 446-1088
    Super 8--(615) 446-1923
    **(all easy access from Interstate 40)

    Show Awards
    Grand Champion of Show $50.00
    Reserve Champion of Show $25.00
    [Many other awards listed, too long to list here]

    Meets Included at this show:
    ABA Special Meet; APA Special Meet pending
    American Brahma Club Special Meet
    Belgian Bearded d’Anver Club State Meet
    Dutch Bantam Society Special Meet
    National Polish Breeders Club District Meet
    Old English Bantam Club of Amer. Special Meet
    *Pending--Seabright Bantams
    *Pending--Call Duck
    *Pending--International Cornish Breeders

    Coop In-Building Hours
    Friday, April 22-open at 6:00pm and closes at 9pm.
    Saturday, April 23-open at 6:00am.

    Judging will promptly begin at 9:00am Saturday, April 23.

    Concessions will be available Saturday.

    A covered sales pavilion will be available for a $5.00 fee for non-exhibitors; no fee if exhibit. $2 inside sale holes, limit 3 birds per hole.

    Silent Auction will be held during judging & will end at promptly at 12:30pm on Saturday.
    Directions to the Show[/u]
    From Interstate 40 East or West take
    Exit 172 for TN-46 toward Centerville/Dickson
    -turn north (TN-46 N) for 4.2 miles
    -turn right at E. Walnut St (.4 mile)
    Fairgrounds will be on the left.

    From Clarksville: TN-48 S (31 miles)
    -turn right onto ramp to Henslee Dr.
    -turn left at Henslee Dr. (.5 mile)
    -take second right onto TN-46 / Mathis Dr (.7 mile)
    -turn left at E. Walnut St (.4 mile)
    Fairgrounds will be on the left.

    **If you find yourself lost in our thriving metropolis do not hesitate to call Tim at (615)925-1126
    or Steve at (615)476-0462

    Show Rules, Regulations, and Entries:
    *All birds (including sale) must be tested for Pullorum-Typhoid within 90 days of arrival at the show, or be from an NPIP certified flock -NO tester will be available on site
    -please bring your paperwork with you if you do not mail
    copy with entry form

    *Competition is open to Large Fowl, Bantam, Guineas, Turkeys, and Waterfowl. There is an Open show for any exhibitor and a Junior show for those 18 (as of January 1st, 2011) and under. Birds will be judged under the rules of the ABA and APA.
    *Entry fee is $2.50 per bird for adults and $2.00 juniors and must accompany entry form.
    *Email and snail-mail entries no later than April 14, 2011 to:
    Ami Shelton, 610 Sunny Ridge Circle, Dickson, TN 37055
    *All birds must be cooped in by 8:45 am Saturday morning. Judging begins at 9:00 am. No birds will be allowed to coop in after judging begins.
    *No sick birds will be allowed in the show room or in the sales pavilion. Owners will be asked to remove them.
    *The same bird can not be shown by more than one exhibitor.
    *VSPC will not be responsible for loss, accident or damages beyond its control. All reasonable care will be taken.
    *Handle your own birds unless permission of the owner is given. No one is allowed to remove eggs from coop except owner & show official.
    *No one is to attract the attention of the birds by various means or distract the judges from their duties.
    *No one is allowed in the aisles during judging except the clerk or show officials.
    *VSPC reserves the right to substitute and/or add judges if necessary. All judges decisions are final.
    *Any matter not covered by show rules will be settled by VSPC Board of Directors and all decisions are final.
    *VSPC cannot be responsible for any awards given by breed or specialty clubs.
    *Any situation not covered will be handled by the VSPC Board of Directors and club officials.
    *Please do not coop out until judging and award presentations are complete.
  5. Hi Jenski! Thanks for the welcome and sorry I got you all choked and thanks for the info on the Dickson show...I wanted to go but didnt have the info...I love this site and this thread!!!! Not to mention all the friendly people!

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