To add or to not add LED red string lights to the coop

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  1. SarcasmPhD

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    I'm in the final stages of the building of the coop. I live in Texas. Not concerned with my girls getting enough light or being too cold in the "winter". Should I include some LED lighting, red string lights, to have come on at night? I've read that I should because they don't see well in the dark. I've also read that lights are not necessary. Thoughts?
  2. ECBW

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    Apr 12, 2011
    Not needed. My flock heads in the coop as daylight fades, the way nature intended.

    However, if you wish to decorate for human sake, string the lights outside. It will be a great visual.
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  4. SarcasmPhD

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    This is all I needed to know. Thank you!
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    they don't see well in the dark because usually when it's dark, they have their eyes closed and they're sleeping, HAHA

    agree with the above posts, night lights are totally unnecessary

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