TO all those swap experts out there

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11 Years
Apr 20, 2008
Birnamwood, Wisconsin
I have been sticking ALL my fertile D'uccle eggs in the bator since I only have one hen who is laying I can't quite get enough for a shipment and so I just stick them in my bator... I am going to have ALL sorts of Mille Fleur D'uccles to sell (these are from the Dan Paff line) and so what I was wondering is when you bring pairs/trios in to sell at the swaps do you have to let them know about it and do they have to be tested etc? How does that all work?
I can't say for the WI specific laws... Here in MN you have to have anything over 5 months of age pullorum-typhoid tested and have numbered bands on. Anything under 5 months you have to show proof that the parent stock are PT free. You can have a testor come out and do every single bird in your breeder flocks and on the PT slip it will state "annual flock test". I know that showing that piece of paper will be the bare minimum to get you in the door at swaps with young birds over here. If you are selling in larger numbers it wouldn't hurt to get NPIP certified and register as a hatchery with your state. Then you provide a 'statement of origin' receipt to people to people every time you sell chicks or even hatching eggs. I am just going through this right now too....

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