To build, or not to build? That is the Question!

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    Last year, my friends and I decided to build a chicken coop in my yard so that I could raise hens. At first, my family thought the idea was ridiculous and they laughed...but two months later there was a coop constructed in the backyard. When May came, the hen house became home to five lovely pullets who are now almost one year old! The whole experience was great, between the build, finding birds, interacting on BYC, and teaching everybody in my family and neighborhood about chickens. My family loves the birds now, and the fresh eggs are awesome! I've given quite a few away to neighbors and they think it is just a phenomenal thing. But anyways...

    Like most chicken owners, I want more birds! My house is simple now (5x5 with a 5x5 run), and it can't fit much more than one or two more hens, so I'm contemplating a new one. I was hoping to have a flock of 15 or 20 birds, and I believe a 6x10 or 8x10 coop would fit the bill perfectly. I'm trying to find some materials to cut down on price, and the one neighbor is a contractor, so hopefully I can find a bunch of stuff to supplant buying it. I've looked at designs already and plan on modeling my coop after a shed, but if anybody has built anything creative that is within those general size guidelines, please let me know! This site was pretty much my inspiration for raising chickens, and I've been here since day 1, so I'd appreciate any advice on new coops, or just some general words of encouragement! Hoping to break ground in May when I get back from college! Thanks!!
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    It's easy to fall in love with those cute little egg-layers, isn't it? Good luck with your decision. There's so many pictures and ideas on this site alone that I'm sure you'll find the perfect idea for your flock. I am in the process of building a new coop for my chickens. It will be a basic metal shed on 3 sides and wire on the 4th side and will be about 7 1/2 by 12 feet to house my 9 birds. I found an idea for making nest boxes out of plastic totes/tubs that I am going to try in their new home. Best wishes for your expanding flock!
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    Ask him to show you hoe or help you find plans to build a simple shed......then you already know how to deck it out for chickens with roosts, nests, ventilation and such....start scrounging for materials now.

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