to eat or to candle my pullets first egg?!


5 Years
Aug 19, 2014
Waller, Texas
My favorite RI Red hen has laid her first egg! I am overwhelmed with excitement and wonder. I know she has had about a month prior exposure to my rooster and they have actually been quite a cute little couple. Today she was extra nosey and I just knew she needed a place to nest, so I walked to back to the coop and let her into the nesting area. An hour later she left me the cutest little egg! Now I would love to hatch it and I know it could be about a week before I can candle it, but can I leave it in the nest at 85-90° temps and then candle and if it is not fertile can I eat it after?
I am not a breeder and have never hatched eggs…but IMO…first eggs are small and small egg would give small chicken? Wouldn't it be better just to enjoy her first eggs, let her get a little more mature so you have a better chance of hatching healthy chicks?

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If you don't have a broody hen to sit on it, then leaving it in the nestbox will only let it spoil. If you would like to check for fertility, then when you break it open, look for the bulls-eye on the yolk.
With those young birds, their bodies are still changing and the egg-works are figuring out the system. Sometimes those pullet eggs don't even have yolks ...
My vote is to eat it and appreciate that your pet made you breakfast. If you blow it out, you can even save the eggshell as a souvenir.

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