To Use or Not to Use..........A Fake Egg????


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Jan 12, 2010
Pueblo, CO
My husband is building my first cabinet style incubator. I have studied all the info I can find and the project is coming along great! Now, I saw where several people take an egg clean it out with soap and water then fill it with antibacterial dish soap or some other liquid and seal it with the thermometer inside. I assume you would want to keep the inside egg temp at 99.5? Just wondered if this is a more accurate way to go? And if so what is the best way to go about creating the "fake egg"? Thanks in advance for any help!!!!
I'd have to imagine you'd want something with liquid in it, not just air. Try one of those squiggly water toys with a thermometer in it. You know, those phallic looking plastic tube toys- theyre about 5-7 inches long and just a "donut" like tube with liquid in them. Kids squeeze them and wiggle them for fun. I have no idea what theyre called.

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