today is day 22 and I hear little peeps under Greta! UPDATE **PICS***


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I'm so excited! This is my first hatch! I can't wait to see it!

Since I hear peeping, do you think the chick is totally out of its shell or can they peep from inside through a hole? There were 2 they hatch together or could the 2nd one hatch days later? I put them under her on the same day, but one was rolled out of the nest one day (weeks ago) and it got a little cold and it didn't look as formed as the other when I candled them last weekend, but it didn't look like a quitter either...could it be a little stunted b/c of the cold that day?

When do you think Greta will let it out from under her? Will it stay under until the other egg hatches? and what if the other egg doesn't hatch?

I'm so excited!

I finally got a picture of the new little chick this morning at 2 days old. It was freezing this morning, so I didn't want to expose her for too long to get a face shot. She's an adorable tiny Buff Brahma bantam (notice I say "she"
) I only put 2 eggs under mommy and one didn't hatch (you'll see it in one photo) I'll give it till Saturday morning then take it out.


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Mine peeped for a day before hatching. I had no idea they do that. It is so exciting. How fun for you. My first one was peeping through the shell, peep peep peep peep peep. No pip, no zip. Three house later it was out, dry and fluffed!! His little sister popped out the very next day. So yes, they can peep peep peep through the shell.

Because that second egg got a bit cold during incubation, it could stunt it for a few hours or a day. I had a third egg that quit at about day 18/19. I let it go for 25 days and took it out. The first one to hatch might scurry out from under Mama for a minute or so, depending on how bold and curious it is. I was able to lift my Mama up (I didn't think the egg had hatched yet -- imagine my surprise)

What kind are they? I am jumping up and down excited for you!!!

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The peeps don't sound muffled at all. I only really hear one peeping...for now

I'm afraid to lift her and ruin any humidity she has created under her and risk that shrink wrapping I keep reading about...but I guess I could stick my fingers under her and feel around for little feet

These are bantams...daddy is a Brahma and mommy is either an EE or a Brahma. I gave Greta 2 eggs but neither was hers as I tried to stop her broodiness for 2 days before I gave in. She was only 19 weeks when she went broody so I didn't think she would stick with it...but she did and did a great job considering that all the other chickens kept sitting and laying on her for the first 2 weeks (until I made a cage to keep them out of her nest box)

That picture is adorable!

I guess I'll wait until Friday for the second one (unless it's hatching right now
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