Today was Chick Day at TSC...

Country Parson

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Oct 1, 2010
Bellefontaine, OH
...and I came home, without any prior preparation, with 20 CornishX meaties! Now I'm scrambling to clean out the brooder, dust off the heat lamp, and am desperately trying to find my chick feeders/waterers.

Oh my!
I have chicks coming tomorrow or Wednesday. I am not prepared either.
Yep, $1.99 for me, too. I covet all of you who are getting CornishX's cheaper, but I am planning on small batches for personal consumption. A batch of about 20 is good for me. I can get away with a smaller brooder, a smaller tractor, and it makes butchering day less intensive.
The downside is that I pay $1.99 at TSC!
Yup, they arrived at TSC today here too. I told DH we should see if they got any CornishX's since that'd be an interesting experience to try. Got 5 of em this afternoon! 1 having balance issues, but it was better once I helped it get up and walk a little bit. Hopefully I won't have to cull it... but we'll see... Can't wait to see how these grow!

Oh, we paid $1.99 for these as well
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Don't remember what the price was when I saw them at Orscheln's this week. Probably about the same. I decided to wait. I've always shied away before since I'd never done meaties. Now that I know I can I also know from prior years they will run a sale at some point during the season and at various times you'll find they have 1-2 week olds still around clearanced out. Either of those this year and I'll buy.
for the older clearanced ones.
I did my Cornish Xs from a hatchery and I was not prepared on chick day either. Don't fret. Just keep them warm and hurry up and get things together. They will come along fine. Mine are about 10 days old now. Can't wait to see how big they grow to and continue watching their amazing growth rate. I have a few RIRs with them and its amazing to see them together. They make the RIRs look like bantams.

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