Tomatos and potatoes and the works

I went out and tilled a bit more then put in a couple of tomato plants Early Girl and yellow pear, then I put in some walla walla starts, and some red butter lettuce starts. After that I put in some Rhubarb and some white Chard so I could easily see the difference since you can't eat the greens of the Rhubarb plant cause they are toxic. Next I put in some Armenian Cukes and some Boston Pickling cucumbers. Oh I planted a few Amarillo yellow carrots too then put in some garden mix. I also planted a few kinds of greens and some Iceberg lettuce (for the girls!). I checked on my potato plants from the last month or so and they are getting nice and big (we have about four kinds).
Its so nice to see that the strawberries are blooming. I just love the Spring.

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