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    Aug 5, 2008
    this weekend is the start of the 'close to the house' pen so violet doesn't fall and break a hip out back

    i have been noting everyone's suggestions

    for this pen.....bigger isn't an option as 14 feet is about all the length i have there
    6 feet wide is about the width

    solid lino flooring CHECK
    dropping board under roost CHECK
    full height so you can walk in it CHECK
    doors open wide enough for wheel barrow etc CHECK
    window covered with wire in coop part CHECK
    layer the wire ....hardware over heavier sewn down with wire CHECK
    totally roofed over run CHECK
    ( i learned that one actually with my old pen......which has tarps etc over the run)

    i think i am going to put a section of the clear roofing over the run,
    as where the pen is going, i can look down into the run from my studio window

    and since it is so close to the house ( 2 feet away)
    motion sensor lights for the outside and the run

    i am thinking of putting some water/wind proof roll up 'shades' over the wire side of the run for heavy rain and or the really bad couple of weeks of bitter cold at end of jan/feb
    ( with gussets and cup hooks to hold it down)
    as if the run has clear roofing over it
    they will still get enough light

    i was thinking of extending the roof down.....but that would be a problem that could interfer with the driveway

    i am planning on a solid wood floor through out the entire pen, coop AND run as this has got to go on the driveway against the back are of the house ( 2 feet off the back wall)
    do you folks think i would need to also wire under that
    i am expecting to have 2X6 studs and framework under the plywood, and also to have it up a bit on blocks
    could anything chew through that?
    or maybe should i lay pavers entirely under the pen? and set it on top of them?

    thank you all


    (let's hope i don't break anything on me MAKING this pen)
  2. You'll be a busy lady! The very best of luck, I know your decisions and hard work will result in a very satisfactory arrangement. You may not want to move them back out, away from you![​IMG]

    (pavers would be ideal, but quite expensive...your choice!)
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