Too cold for Chicks?


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Oct 22, 2018
I have 2 chickens. 1 of them has been broody for over 6 weeks now & I’ve tried all sorts to get her off the nest. So for the last week she has been sitting on (potentially) fertilised eggs. With the cold weather coming should I put a low heat lamp in the coop to help mum keep the chicks warm if/when they hatch?


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Apr 9, 2016
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Hi, welcome to BYC! :frow

No mom doesn't usually need help keeping chicks warm. What is your version of "cold weather coming"... over night low/ day time high?

I'm afraid your hen has been sitting WAY too long... and with slowed digestion, and being a target for parasite... some will brood themselves to death! :(

I personally would discard those eggs... and lock that broody in a "breaker"... a wire bottom kennel with NO bedding so she can't make a nest and keep her tummy warm. Elevated can help. Usually 3 days and most are done. I had one that wasn't so easy... an open bottom pen with no bedding worked fine as well. The key is NO bedding and keeping her out of her chosen nest spot.

Another alternative is adopting VERY young (under 6 days old) chicks to her during the night. Other wise she will be sitting for at least another couple weeks and losing condition the whole time.

What breed is she? What do you feed including treats and supplements? By 7 days you should be able to candle the "possibly fertile eggs" and see if any are developing. Where did they come from? Will you be able to deal with any extra cockerels that hatch? Is your second chicken also a hen? How old is your broody gal?

Good luck whatever you decide! :fl :jumpy:jumpy

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