Too dark for Buff Orpingtons?


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Mar 24, 2014
This isn't the best picture, I know, but I have 10 buff babies and their feathers seem to be coming in awfully dark. I've bought buffs in the past, and they have had some brown to them at certain points in their development, but these kids seem to have more.

(And yes, I realize the ones with the REALLY dark feathers are not Buffs

I bought them at Tractor Supply, and am wondering if they have a return policy if you are sold something incorrect. I want to breed buffs and would rather be sure.

I don't think they can take them back , due to bio security. But the red one in the front looks more like one of their red pullets. THey mislabel them often or just put them in with another breed if only a few are left. The other day I saw silkies in with the white rocks
Three years ago I bought 2 each buffs and Rhode Island Reds, and these kids look more like the RIR (from the pictures I took). Tractor Supply had two tubs of "buffs" and said they had gotten in 100 of them that morning.
They look like Rhode Island Reds/production reds to me. Buff Orpingtons would be lighter in color, just like you thought.
I have a few that are less dark;

Check the middle chick
Might I have ANY buffs in this batch?

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