Too Early for Feb Hatch-A-Long Thread??


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Jan 12, 2019
Well while one of the tools was being used in our garage, it tripped the electricity of the house and I nearly died thinking my incubator had gone off as it doesn’t re-start...

However, when I went in the incubator was running, rising back up to temperature and humidity (were both about half of what they should be) and it still said day 10 on the screen.

Except there was a symbol flashing on it and after I searched, it’s a blackout warning symbol to say the power had been cut out at some point.

I never knew anything about this being on my incubator but after I searched, apparently if the incubator blacks out due to power failure for a few seconds, it will remember the settings and start back up.

That’s awesome but what I don’t get is that the incubator was off for more than a few seconds!

I’m not complaining, I’m glad but just confused 😅

Anyways my eggs have 10 days left, the 6 were growing strong when I candled on day 5.

I will candle for the last time on Thursday night. One did have a odd air cell but I’m just leaving it be and hoping it’ll make it through. If it needs a hand I’ll help but only once all the others have hatched.

I’m also going to try and set another 10 of the eggs from my flock tomorrow or Tuesday in hope at least one or two are fertile now.
It's always nice to learn when your incubator has a fancy extra feature! lol


Jan 8, 2017

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