Too Early to Quack?


9 Years
Feb 19, 2010
East Tennessee
Today I got 2 1 week old ducklings! Well once every one was settled (I got 4 chicks with them) I decided to let them swim for the first time in their young lives, they loved it too. Of course they couldn't really swim, as I didn't want to fill it too much because I was afraid they would drown (even though I was right there with them watching like a protective mother).

Anyways I was drying them off one at a time and set one down (the smaller of the 2) and while I was drying the other duckling the one of the floor quacked! it surprised me, as I thought it would be awhile until they could quack... I know females quack and males make a rasp noise, so if this was the real deal I have at least one girl

Are females typically smaller than males as ducklings?

(Sorry the following Pics are so big, I don't know how to resize them...)




Girls can get noisy quick.

I remember when JJ was a few weeks old. She sounded something like this...

"Peep peep peep grunt peep snort peep peep QUACK!"
QUACK!!! at one week now I have never had that happen EVER!!!! WOW! My runners girls started quacking around six weeks but till then they just peeped.
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