Too many chickens in one nest box


6 Years
Apr 28, 2013
We have 4 ladies, 1 RIR, 1 White Leghorn, 2 Barred rocks. They all like the same next box and they have all started trying to get in it at the same time to lay I think
? We have been getting about 4 eggs a day, but this week we have started noticing eggs out of the nest box, and catching them facing the wrong driection in the next box. I am assuming this is why they a plopping them out in the coop or they cant fit and are laying them in the coop. Is there a way to get a hen to start using another box? Our coop has plenty of room, and could hold 8-12 hens, with 4 nest boxes and only one is being used. They have only all been laying about 3-4 weeks.

Any help or suggestions much appreciated!

A flock generally has a 'favorite' nest box. Can you raise the lip of the box higher so that they can not hang their butts over the edge?
I could nail a board on and make it higher, haven't thought of that.

I had the same problem & went to one large box. Large enough for three girls at once with plenty of room. No more eggs on the floor or hens growling at each
other. Works great for us.
I turned a shelf from my garage into the nesting box. I need to take it's measurements but I'm sure it would comfortably house 2-3 at a time. I put two in the coop and both are being used by the 3 chickens that are laying so far. My first chicken to start laying did not like the others using "her" box but occasionally I'll find all the eggs in one box. If raising the side doesn't help I'd just take them out and try something else.

I took the top level off because the chickens wouldn't go inside it and then I turned it around so the openings are to the wall, I don't lose as much straw that way. It's tall enough that the chickens are no where close to the ledge when they lay but it's still very easy for them to just hop right in


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