Too many roos?


10 Years
May 28, 2009
Bloomington, Indiana
I've got 4 roos and 52 hens, which I didn't think seemed like such a bad ratio, but I've still got a bunch of hens with bald backs.

Do I need less roo power? I'd still like to be able to have fertile eggs, so I don't want to spread them too thin..... Where oh where is my happy medium?
From what I've read, 1 roo for 10-12 hens. I only have 1 roo with 25 hens. He does a good job but seems to mate only certain ones. So what you have doesn't sound too bad.
Roos have their favorite girls and those get all the extra lovin (bald backs).

I have one Roo to 15 girls and 1 girl has bald back constantly.

Try seperating those girls out to give them some time off from the Roos or get them aprons if the bald backs bother you.

As long as they are not being picked on, picked at or bleeding, I don't worry about it.
The thing is, it's not just a couple hens, there's a LOT of them that are scruffy looking. They really don't seem like they breed excessively either.... Guess they do enough to wear their feathers off though.

One of the roosters has feathers missing all the way around his tail area, I don't know who/what he tangled with that got him all scruffed up.

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