Too mellow?


9 Years
Mar 8, 2010
Forest Grove, OR
I have 5 chicks and noticed today that one is a bit standoffish. When I went to pull her out she ran, as did the others, and when I held her she appeared bright eyed and alert - cheeped up a storm. When I put her back she stood away from the others.

Normal? Illness? Moody?

Some chicks are just skiddish, mine were ok a day or two after getting them but then did not really want to be held or like hands going into the brooder. As they get older they will grow out of it, mine never really did until they started to sqaut
only 1 ever liked any attention.
I'm sorry you lost your little one.
Sometimes they just don't make it, but do you know about pasty butt? Some chicks have their fecal matter stick to their backsides and "paste up" over their vent. When this happens if has to be cleaned off or they will die because they can no longer eliminate.
Absolutely clean. I have been checking them daily and had to clean one over the weekend - not the one that died. Whatever it was it came on suddenly because it hadn't appeared "off" until yesterday morning.
Sometimes cocci can get them, but the medicated feed reduces the liklihood of that, you didn't mention any blood stools and the rest of the chicks are doing well so it doesn't seem likely. It sounds like this chick just failed to thrive. Again, I'm sorry you lost the little one. It's sad and frusterating when they just fade away like that for no reason that you can see.

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