Too Soon for Dried Mealy Worms?


Jul 7, 2014
My Coop
My Coop

I have two 6 1/2 week old red-stars that have been outside in their coop for a week and a half now. Yesterday, I tried to give them dried mealy worms and they just weren't interested. Pecked at them, played with them, but walked away and started scratching in the dirt for weed seeds and fresh critters. They also don't seem interested in most bugs, although they will go after mosquitoes (love that!).

Does it take a while for chicks to get the taste for dried mealy worms? I was a little disappointed in their reaction, to be honest after reading how much chickens love the things.

They also don't seem to give a hoot about apples or tomatoes, etc. Is this something that comes with age?

I mean, honestly if they don't care for mealy worms ever, it's not the end of the world - save me some $ in the long run - was just surprised by their apparent lack of interest.

See that in mine also. It often takes chickens awhile to get used to eating new things. X2 the older the chicks are the more willing they seem to be to try eating different things. If you mix the treats or put them in their regular food often that will get them trying stuff faster. Once somebody decides something is good to eat, usually the rest will follow, competition seems to make everything taste better.
good idea about mixing them in. I have to at least get rid of this bag. Not like I can use them for anything else. Mealy worm bread, anyone??
My Blorps (Blue/Black Orpingtons) are about 3 weeks old and it's the "Attack of the Chicken Cavalry" any time I'm near them. All they want is dried meal worms!

About 6 of 8 are waiting at the coop door and two will try to sit in my hand to prevent the others from getting any of them.

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