Too young for layer feed?


11 Years
Aug 17, 2008
Northwest WA State
I know this question has been asked before (probably a few times) and I think I know the answer, but can not seem to find post about it.
I only have about one week of grower left to feed 20-22 week old pullets. I do have layer on hand. Would it be fine to switch over to layer at this age before they have laid any eggs?
If I remember correctly, I have read here before that layer should NOT be started before they lay their first egg because of the high calcium and low protein content. I just do not want to buy another 50lb bag if not necessary. I only have six birds, so 50 lbs goes a long way.


Will Shut Up for Chocolate
11 Years
May 7, 2008
Frozen Lake, MN
Yes, you'll be fine. I'd mix the two as keljonma suggested. If you have Oyster Shell, I'd offer it to them as free choice.

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