Took in this mixed flock... Help!


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Jul 16, 2014
I have taken in 5 chickens 2 Roos and 3 hens help I.d?
The last two could be brown sex-a-links or maybe RIR... If the first pic is a roo maybe buff Orpington, but it's looks kinda hen like...
Good luck, as you probably know that's too few hens for two roos. Might want to get rid of the roos or get more ladies.
It is a hen I think Orpington also and they aren't my only chickens I have a few more hens thanks!

I see a mixed breed rooster, a buff Orpington hen, a gold laced Wyandotte hen, and a production red hen and rooster.

They all look bright eyed, active and in good condition
. I agree you probably have one rooster too many, if those are all the birds you have. But, if these birds have been a flock, the hens are in great shape and are not being over mated, so you could just wait and see how things go. If the hens start losing too many feathers from the roosters, or getting too stressed by being overmated, you'll have to make a management decision about who goes or how to house them. But right now it's a nice looking flock!
Thanks for the reply! I have them integrated into my existing flock of hens and the 2 Roos are separated. I plan on getting more hens. These add to my black minorcas, white leghorns, and SLW's.

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