Took Mama ducks hatching babies, will she be okay?


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Aug 27, 2019
So we were doing a natural matching nest with our khaki Campbell ducks. Mama is young, not even a year old. This nest was an accident we found her hiding in a bush with, so we went with it. Moved them to the duck house. Now it’s hatching time. One hatched but when I checked on the progress I found the baby laying by herself, like 5 inches away from mama but by herself and very cold and hardly moving. I flipped into high gear brought her inside, warmed her up with hot hands, a hand towel, and a heating pad. Once she was warm she peeled up, peeping and wiggling around so she fine, but now I don’t trust the mama with the rest. We have the brooder ready in the basement and took all the eggs. They’re a on a towel under the chick heat lamp. Not in an incubator.
1. Will they be okay? They should all hatch from now and through the next two days.
2. Checked on mama, she’s sifting through the bedding for her eggs. :( how long until she’ll be okay and not worried or freaking out?


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