Took two of my roos to the feedstore *SNIFF*

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  1. Well, the feed store finally sold the silkie rooster they had in their pen, so had room for a couple of mine. i took in Lulu my partridge rooster, and Nickie my grey/splash. i picked those two as they are the biggest trouble-makers. Lulu has started crowing and humping everyone (Nickie included). Nickie is second in line so constantly challenging Lulu then beating up on everyone else. i still have three roosters back at home, but didn't want to overload the feed store.

    So i'm sitting here crying because i feel so bad. They have no idea why they have been banished to a coop with a bunch of pigeons. They won't be getting yogurt in the morning, greens in the afternoon, or mealworms at night. They were huddled in a corner of the pen when i left. i know this is necessary, as i can't keep roosters here, but feel bad nonetheless. i guess they will get good exposure there, and if someone bought that other silkie, there must be someone out there that will take these guys.

    Anyhow, my coop is much more peaceful this afternoon. i just hope my little guys will be okay. [​IMG]
  2. speckledhen

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    I've been there and can certainly feel your pain. We both empathize with our animals and it makes what we have to do that much harder. [​IMG]
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    I've been there done that too... I agree that it's heartbreaking.
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    Jun 4, 2007
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    I just did the same thing. My Roo went back to the farm where he was hatched. I thought all the same things. No more warm oatsmeal on the chilly New England mornings. No more acorn squash or homemade yogurt (still cant believe i did that). BUT, I too love the peaceful flock i now have. Your not the only mushheart that feels that way. Hang in there, you did what you had to do. You will feel better everytime you see the peace out there.

  5. Thanks. i was just outside hugging my silkies. The difference in my coop is amazing. No fights, no screams of pain. i have two silkie roos in there, but they are fairly congenial.

    My other pen has my frizzle mixes, one male and two female. Once i find a home for that male, i think i can combine the two groups. i may try to combine them anyways in the next day or so and see how it goes.

    Trying to focus on the positive. The feed store is a good place. They have a nice big coop and lot's of people looking after them. They are a family business and have been around forever. As the only feed store in the area, they get a ton of business, so these guys will have the best chance of finding a good home. i just can't go in there for a while, or i may end up buying them back.

    Thanks again. i just needed to vent as i sat here crying, and good to know there are others that understand.
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    Jun 4, 2007
    Western MA
    I was looking for more silkies and a woman just offered me some 17 week olds for $5 each. I am going to get one buff and one white this weekend. I'll post pictures as soon as i get them [​IMG]
  7. Yes, please do! i love looking at pictures of silkies!
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    Jun 1, 2007
    I had to rehome my two boys too, know the feeling and feel for you! I'll say a little prayer for your little guys to find a GREAT home! [​IMG]

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