Torn comb, should we separate?


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Jul 2, 2018
Colchester, Vermont
So I tried to find an answer on the forums, but I can't seem to find a question with my exact issue. One of our little ladies tore part of her comb somehow, not really sure how she did it, most likely on the fencing, but we're almost positive it wasn't any of the other hens, they're ally pretty tame. We also do not have a rooster.

So here's my question. We cleaned the torn area, clotted it with flour and separated her for the day in the run in a large cat carrier. I let her out later to see of the other girls would go after her and they seemed to pretty much leave her alone, only really pecking at her wound if she got too close. We are going to apply some blu-cote after we dub the torn part of the comb as its flopping around in her eyes. Should I still keep her separated tonight in the coop? Or will the Blu-Cote do the job? I've never used it before. I'm a total newbie and this is the first injury we've had to deal with. I don't want to alienate her from the rest of the flock. Any suggestions?
You could separate her for the night if you feel the need to. I wouldn't keep her separated too long or you'll have to re-introduce her to the flock again.. See how the blu-kote works, and if you have to keep her separated try and make it so the rest of the hens can still see her.
The flock sees blood as a sign of weakness and will peck her to death if she’s bleeding from her wound. Keep separated until the wound is healed.
If she is still bleeding, keep her separated. However, if it has stopped you can add her back. I went out the other day to check on my birds on the roost. One had a bloody head. It had already stopped, but it was obvious that it had been bleeding. She tore her comb. I removed her from the roost checked to see that there was no fresh blood, applied blue-kote, and then placed her back on the roost. I went out early the next morning to see if the others were bothering her and they were all going about their business. My hen is brown though - so not as noticeable as say a white hen would be.
Thanks for all the advice. When we went out to grab her to dub the comb and they were all peacefully sleeping, not bothering her. We decided to leave it until morning. We'll dub, clean, apply the Blue-Cote and then put her back and monitor them. Thankfully I have off tomorrow, so I can keep a close eye on her all day. Thanks again everyone, love this forum!
So we dubbed her comb this morning, clotted it and then put the blue-cote on. That stuff is great btw! We put her right back into the run and there didn't seem to be an issue. Our two Australorps chased her mildly when food was around(I believe they're at the top of the PO), but no one seems to be pecking at her, I think maybe they are just reestablishing the pecking order? Anyway, all is good! I appreciate all the advice on here, thanks to everyone for helping us get through our first injury, now I have a better idea of what to do in the future!

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