Torpedo Sand??


6 Years
May 11, 2016
Morning All,

I have been trying to find a suitable sand for my run & coop. My local sand place, has a sand named "Torpedo Sand", below picture. I believe is what I need, but I have not seen in the forum that name used before.

Has anybody else used "Torpedo Sand" before? I am located in Houston, TX. Is it ok? Safe for the girls? Thank you!

I sure hope it's ok, because we just put down a yard of it in our coop. I called around & researched...pretty sure this is the most similar thing to river sand around here.
Everywhere they use different names. Judging by the looks in the pic it looks just like ours when it was wet during delivery. I just asked for coarse sand from a quarry near us in MIchigan. The guy got me the perfect sand. I don't remember the name but it ended up being perfect. The largest was 3/8" of grit. So, it was perfect for our chicken run. Small enough to use fine tuned pitchfork and sift out poop yet large enough to use for grit for the chickens. I love sand in our run. Always dries out and drains well. And cleans well. Just got done moving 5 and a half tons. We are beat, lol. Because we have a roof over our run, sand never gets too hot for the chickens feet. It is well shaded.
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