TOTAL duck noob, humoring the idea, wondering if its a good fit for us

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by lilstar, Jun 9, 2011.

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    So we're new to chickens (my chicks are 4 weeks old!) but I feel like I've more or less got a handle on their care, and where I don't, have plenty of people I can ask..this forum for one, plus family/friends with their own flocks [​IMG] Ducks though? Clueless! My duck interest has greatly increased as I look in horror at the massive slug infestation in my yard (and neighbors' yards). Sure would be nice to have a few ducks to take care of the problem! lol. I need to make sure I can handle what ducks would NEED. We have large property, and some of it is wetlands. So there is sort of "pond" like areas of standing water.. but..uhh.. do they need something that I'll be able to clean? And what about housing? I imagine they wouldn't want to share a coop with the chickens. Any shelter they'd need could be an issue.. just depends what we can find on craigslist for cheap. Any good websites I should check on on duck care? Would love any help! Thanks!

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    Ducks will need something to be closed up tight into at night to keep them safe from predators. You could do it with the chickens if there is room - just put something under the chickens/above the ducks. I have runners (only 2 now) and they sleep in a dog house kit from Lowe's that we built a door for to lock them in.
    I don't close my ducks up with food or water at night once they were old enough to be without. Keeps things much cleaner.

    Water - I built them a pond. For mine and their enjoyment. But all they "need" for water is something deep enough to dunk their heads in to keep their bill/eyes clean. Depending on size, that gets filled daily. I have their food out and a storage bin near it for water. I fill that every day or other day depending on how gross it is (ie, did Cadbury hop in for a quick bath). But I gotta say, ducks LIKE water and are happy with water they can get in. Again, can be something you can fill daily or not as often. Lots of kiddie pools with ducks.

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