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Apr 14, 2014
I've talked to a great many people over the years about my long-term dream of having my own homestead. I fully intend, someday, to fulfill that dream. Apparently, someone decided for me that "someday" meant "starting today". I got home today to find an open cage next to my shed with some cracked corn scattered around it (the cage that is). The shed sits next to the creek that borders (and is slowly eating) my yard. Wondering where the cage and corn came from, I was staring at the care, lost in thought, when I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. Paddling happily around in the creek were two ducks! I have no idea what kind of ducks they are. They're white and brown and have little puffy pompoms on their heads - or at least one of them does; I'm not sure about the other.

So, here I am with two ducks to take care of that don't seem to want to let me get anywhere near them. Every time I so much as move in their general direction they suddenly have someplace else they need to be. I have nothing for them to shelter in, if they had any desire for some type of shelter. Basically, I'm completely unprepared for these new arrivals.

On to the request!

I need your expertise and advice. How do I gain the trust of these two fully-grown ducks that don't know me? What kind of shelter would be suitable for them? How do I get them to use it? If they refuse, how can I possibly protect them from predators? What/how often/how much should I feed them (we had a good rainstorm today, and they seemed to be having a grand old time eating the worms that came up - once I went in the house). I assume they'll forage most of their food during the warm months, but what about come winter?

Anyway, I'll welcome any and all advice y'all can share with me.

Many thanks in advance,
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I have a chicken mesh to keep them in and my 3 pekin ducks still aren't the friendliest but they will come close i'm building a roof for my ducks.
Ott, you may need a couple of friends, but here is an idea.

First, make a place in the house for very temporary shelter - EVERYTHING likes duck dinner.

Then get some fencing - like plastic poultry fence, or chicken wire. Doesn't have to be real sturdy, flexible is better.

I cannot envision your setup but the idea is to get someone or someones behind the ducks and herd them into a temporary fenced area. Once there, it will be easier to then herd them back into their cage. Put some of the cracked corn into the cage - might help.

You could also see if they will come near you if you place some thawed frozen peas near you.

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