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It started with a limp, i didn't know why or how it had happened. We had decided to give it a few days.

Now here we are, waiting, hoping, praying. Even though I'm not a religious person. I've done what i can.

We have two chickens: Cinnamon, and Sugar. She's laying in a small crate, laying on a blanket, her head almost against her back, eyes closed, legs extended. The Vet told us it might be bacterial, or viral. Our other chicken is unaffected, walking around outside chasing bugs and flutterbys.

They gave us antibiotics and some anti-inflammatory medication. Feeding her water with a dropper, and medicine too. I sit here waiting, hoping she'll be okay.

I'm sure many of you have lost a member of your flock, one of them was close, maybe they weren't. But I've grown so attached to Sugar that i'm scared she'll pass. I'm here because i need you all, insight on what it might be, or maybe some prayers.

Thank you <3
Thank you..

Update 1: As the night went on, her fever got worse, i was still able to give her the medicine though and i stayed along her side the majority of the night, i kept the room dark and quiet so she could sleep.

This morning, i was greeted by soft clucking and semi-open eyes. She was very thirsty and i smiled as i few her with the dropper, still flapping around she seems much better than yesterday. I only hope that she can recover from here on out.
Update 2: She pooped twice today, but when she did, it smelled really bad, like, worse than cat poop bad, mainly a liquid, yellowish. I cleaned out the crate she was in and was able to get her to eat, still some small troubles drinking water.

Any recommendations for getting her to drink a bit more water? It's to the point where she won't drink it herself/out of the dropper. Not to mention she's lame in both legs, one foot is curled, and the other moves, but is still too swollen to walk on. The anti-inflammatory stuff should be working soon.
How old is she, and how long has she had the symptoms? Does she have wry neck, or is her neck in an unusual position? Vitamin B2 or riboflavin deficiency, and Mareks disease are 2 possibilities. Other problems such as an electrolyte imbalance from dehydration or too much salt, coccidiosis or enteritis could cause problems, but need more info. What did your vet think, and what antibiotic is she on?
Her neck was off to the side for about a day, gave her lots of water and it's normal. She hasn't laid any eggs yet. So uhh, maybe around the 20 week mark. She keeps trying to Stand but her ferries curl inward, swollen joints. I was thinking it was lack of vitamin.

Don't remember what we have her on, but I think it was some penicillin and anti inflammatory stuff.

She said it might have been mareks, but, her eyes don't show that glossy or cloudy thing yet, she takes water from a dropper and turns her head to eye up the food. Then sometimes pecking.
Latest update: Sugar is in near perfect health. Out in the coop with her sister happily munching on mealworms and their foods. It took a whole two bottles to make sure she was recovered. But we still don't know what it was or how it happened.
Very glad your chicken recovered. I have 11 chickens and two of my easter egger bantams are named Cinnamon and Sugar. They both just started laying this week.
Things have changed, and they went downhill. After we stopped giving her the medicine. It took but a week for Sugar to pass. She was unable to use her right leg at all, but she had feeling in it, no swelling, or anything. Toes curled when the leg was brought upward. It was probably a bacterial disease.

We buried her in the backyard, when i was caring for her a few weeks back, she had one of her larger feathers come out. I keep it on my desk now.

This is hard, it's upsetting because i felt like i could have done more for her. But my mother didn't want to, as she said. "Put money into a 3 dollar chicken". I miss her already, her little clucks and beak clacks she made when i started petting her.

I never thought caring for a chicken would entail so much more than i thought.

Sugar was her name, and i know she's not in pain now, and she's not suffering as some would think. I just hope she's happy now. I'm also probably going to be on here a bit more. Seeing as we only have one chicken left.

Thank you all for the input, well wishes. <3
So sorry for your loss. It possibly could have been Mareks disease which is viral. If you get more chicks in the future, I would make sure that they are vaccinated for Mareks, just in case.

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