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When Jax was around three months old, we bought him a kong toy, tennis balls, puppy nylabones and a heavy duty rubber squeaker.
These lasted long enough that we didn't mind buying him new ones when he finally chewed them up.
Now he's six months old and getting those strong back teeth in.

A large kong toy lasts one day.
He pops tennis balls in an hour or so.
Heavy duty rubber squeakers last about a day.
12 to 14 inch beef bones he works on for a few hours and I finally have to take the remainder of them away from him when they get small enough to choke him.

He had all those things at the beginning of last week and now they're gone; the remaining pieces thrown away.
The only toy he has left right now is a souper sized hard nylabone.

What's a hard toy that will last? DH is threatening to get him a tractor tire.

The up side is that he doesn't chew on household items, just his toys.
Have you ever tried Big Mean kitty???
My GSD had two of them, they leasted forever..........when he passed, I had one cremated with him, odd, but he loved it and all his other toys, he shredded within minutes
Ebay has them, sometimes Petco or Petsmart, but you want the LARGE one
Ha! I know this well! I've had Dobermans, terriers and now have an ex-military dog (Belgian Malinois) who chewed through two metal crates before I adopted her
. I like the "Tuff by Nature" toys--they can get chewed up but takes a little longer. The black Kongs are tougher than the red ones. They do have tire toys which she likes and loves the big plush toys that are not stuffed (stuffed toys become fluffy snow in seconds). My way of dealing with the toys short lifespan is to order lots through I order all my Tuff by Nature, Kongs, Nylabones, various rope toys, Tire toys, Greenies and Frontline through them. If you order over $60 there is no handling fee (really EASY easy to do!). I also get Utra Chuck It Balls as they are tuffer than tennis balls --and safer for her teeth! We feel our dog worked to protect our country without being asked and should get all the toys she wants and had to finds a way to afford them
They do not get any Veterans benefits either!
He's gone thru several large kongs.
We buy the biggest one they have.
Haven't tried the black ones yet. Will have to find those online.

mlw987m I can't find big mean kitty at petco or petsmart. I'll try ebay here in a little bit.
I use the black kongs and the best thing is they will send a replacement when or if your dog works it over. I also love the tough tire toys. Both are great.
Not kidding.... we use deer antlers
They are the ONLY thing we've been able to find that last more the 10 minutes with Tesla. Those 'tuff tires' that you can find on occasion?? 5 minutes and they were totally destroyed......

The antler idea came from this site they had a page on long lasting chews and what they offered was antler pieces at insane prices. I asked a few people that owned ranches to watch for dropped antlers and voila... I had 2 within a week. We've gone through about 12 in a year but I have 6 dogs so and average of 2 per year per dog isn't bad.
At petco.(and probably at other places also) they have these rubber tire toys...they are pretty tough!
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