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Does anyone have a list of garden plants that are toxic to chickens?
I'd like to know if I need to fence anything off before I let them wander the garden. I especially need to know about the Hebe genus. I'm in the UK, so please beware of local names if you can? Thank you
Since you are in the UK and talking specifically about a landscape ornamental, I have to assume that you aren't talking about the "vegetable" garden. There probably are no vegetable foods that are toxic to our backyard chickens (keep them away from the tomato/potato vines). The problem is mostly their eating everything before we get our vegetables to the kitchen

Elsewhere in our backyard, there are quite a few things that poison our pets every year. Assuming that a chicken has more wisdom than a dog or cat doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense. I imagine that it is simply because other pets are more common (and valued?) that we pay more attention to the toxic plants that they get into.

Here is a list from the ASPCA. And, here is one from the UCDavis. Both websites emphasize house and landscape plants. The dangers are to dogs, cats, and people for the most part. But as UCDavis says, "If a plant is known to be hazardous to humans, it will probably be toxic for animals as well."

Hebe genus plants don't appear on the UCDavis site.


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