Toxic Plants For Chickens

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    I didnt know where to post this, and I notice some of your coops have plants around them...I was curious because I know we can feed scraps to chickens and I know with my parrots there are certain things they cant eat or it kills them. This is how I came across this link with a list....

    but back to my original search...Im looking to see if there is anything we eat that chickens cant eat. example my daug. and I were eating mild tacos, corn toritillas, ground round, cheese, lettuce, beans...and I got to thinking...can they eat this left overs? its I went to search to see what I could find for them to eat, our luck yet.
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    Onions, garlic and hot peppers aren't good for your birds and certainly don't make for tasty eggs IMO. Some are fine with feeding chicken to their flock but I don't do that for many reasons, however, I do feed them scraps that haven't been seasoned for the table or coated in butter. I just set stuff aside as I'm making salads, fresh veggies and some meat dishes that I fix just for the birds. Just be careful that you don't over treat them with table scraps because it does interrupt their laying or at least that's been my experience. They are little piggies in feathers. [​IMG]

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    When we clean out the fridge everything, includin chicken, goes in a big bowl & is taken out to the chickens. Occasionally there will be somethin they don't care for but not often. As far as I know & have experienced if you can eat it they can eat it.
    Various lists of toxic plants keep showing up here & they always seem to include things that I've fed to chickens over the last 49 years w/o incident. Your list is no exception. Alfalfa, clover, lambs quarters, pig weed & milkweed are all things I've fed to chickens. I also eat them myself as do all members of my family.
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    Most pastures are full of clover and alph alpha. I actually know people who plant it on purpose for their chickens. Hmmmm.
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    If they are free ranging I don't worry about so-called toxic plants.
    In the treats dept., I avoid giving them overly spicy or salty foods.

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