Tractor supply chick days?


9 Years
Jun 7, 2010
I've raised quail before and have been a member here for a while. The quail are long gone but we are now looking into chickens. I wanted to ask though, does tractor supply mark their chicks down at the end of chick days? I am thinking tetra tint might be a good choice. We live in Roanoke Virginia in the city limits,.

Not sure yet how many birds we will get, the limit is 10.

A friend has a old play house made of pallets, I plan on asking if we can have it as a coop. It doesn't have a front so we'll add one but it does have two windows... I'm thinking that we can build nest boxes that fit right into the windows.

I'm so excited
Hi, Congrats on your new adventure. I think some TSC's do mark down their chicks and some don't. I have 3 stores very close to home and one would mark the older chicks down to half off, when they got their new chicks in each week. The other two stores don't. They had chicks that where starting to fly to the rim of the stock tank and would go visit the neighbor chicks and they still wanted full price for them. lol
No tetras were left.. Just bantams and silver laced wyandottes. My father said bantams would be better for the city. They had 12 left and I got 6.

Of course they have the brooders corralled off so aside from saying I didn't want the tiny half lifeless "runt" and asking for the the fastest roadrunner I didn't have much say. When we got to the car I realized that 4 of them are silkies. I know they'll be beautiful but eggers would have been nice. I'm thinking we'll just have to wait and see who are roosters then decide if we will rehome and possibly add some layers. I'm really exited to have them. They are so sweet.

Can't wait to see what the non-silkies are
The "roadrunner" silkie isn't doing so well. It was very sleepy last night. Today it is very weak and not wanting to move much. I tried to give it sugar water with a pinch of salt but even dipping its beak doesn't persuade it. It is currently seperate from the others in a basket with a buckwheat heat compress. Hoping it survives but this isn't uncommon is it? My experiences with quail have shown me that the weak ones usually die in the first week or so
When we got our silkies one kept going right under the heatlamp and overheating....thought it wouldn't make it but I kept it away from the heat for a few hours and made it drink every hour. She made it.
I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. :( Our TSC is about 30 min away (like everything else out here, lol) and I called yesterday to see what they had left...they had 5 left that were starting to feather out, mixture of Aussies, Buff Orps, and red sex-links.

I hope someone got them and gave them a good home. Our TSC isn't good about caring for poopie butt issues or cleaning out the bedding appropriately. :(
Yeah.. We went back a little bit ago to see if anything was left but they were all gone. They had a buggy full of the brooding lamps they used for $7 each including bulbs. I picked one up. They also had their farm swap going on in the parking lot... Just had to buy a couple pullets. I got 2 red sex links for $4 each. They are 6 weeks old

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